Welcome to Xayr.ga, my personal website


Welcome to my personal site. This is made to host resources or content that I share.

Who Are You
My name is Danny, or known by my online alias as "Xayr". I enjoy technology a lot. I'm a hobbyist application developer (C#, Lua) , and a sysadmin for a living. I run some bots for telegram, and a few fun web services. I spend a lot of time reverse engineering old video games, check out some of my projects for the results of that.


Where's your HTTPS?
Personally: I'm a believer in if you don't need to do something don't. (Translation: I'm lazy.)
No especially sensitive data gets broadcasted to this server, and if a MITM attack was really happening, you have another thing to worry about.

What now?

Well, you can either sit around and admire the 256 colors on this page, or you can leave. I'm not keeping you here.