What is this place?

XAYR.GA is a Lua-Powered apache server! It hosts all of my applications, my shared content, and many other servers for my own personal use. It also seconds as a portfolio for my work.

Who Are You?

My name is Danny! Online I go by the alias "Xayrga" or "Xayr". I'm a geek. I love technology and pursue knowledge about it in my hobbies and career. I work best hands-on, and am always looking for a challenge to overcome.

What do you do?

Lots of things! I've a strong background in Systems Administration. However, I love to mess around with Programming (C#), Electrical Engineering (Tinkering, Arduino, Raspi), 3D Printing, all kinds of things! If I can learn something from it, it's worth trying. ... Yes I know the picture is PHP. :V